About Us

Club History

In 1996, long time partners Janet Brown and Eric Hurley formed the Lennox Head Bridge Club, where players can participate in a relaxed game of bridge with the emphasis on enjoyment and friendship, rather than fierce competition. The club has been loyally supported by some players who have played at Lennox Head since the inception of the club. The club is affiliated with the Australian Bridge Federation and participates in the national Masterpoint scheme. Players of all levels and experience are welcome, and the Lennox Head Bridge Club is fortunate to be able to attract players who choose to spend their holidays in this lovely part of Australia.

New Venue

For a number of years, the club played in the local Surf Club, but has recently moved to Club Lennox, where bridge is a welcome addition to the many community-based activities which are enjoyed in this fine refurbished building. Coffee is served from the bar, and several players choose to stay on for lunch with their bridge friends.


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